• The Leader For FRP/GRP Manhole Covers In China
    a) Our compoiste manhole covers are produced by patented technology
    b) Our export sales in 2013 was more than 40 million U.S. dollars
    c)Our factory developed GRP manhole covers National Standards
  • More Advantages than BMC & SMC covers
    1. Quality assurance by ISO9001:2008 & SGS
    2. Zero Scrap Value-Burglarproof & Never rust
    3. Light weight with High load ability
    4. Design with characteristic logo & various colors
    5. Life span-more than 30 years
  • Workshop Area 60,000 Square Meters
    Top one sales for composite manhole covers in China
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600mm Composite manhole covers D400
650mm plastic manhole covers C250
600X600 plastic manhole covers A15
400X600 Square sewer cover B125

SGS test report for GRP manhole covers

SGS test report of GRP manhole covers

Sample:FRP/GRP manhole covers
SGS Ref No.: IN-WH-PSI-09086
Test Required: Pls download it to see
Test Standard:Pls download it to see
Spec.:Dia.600mm D400
Installation manual for GRP manhole covers

Installation Manual

-The avoided problems during transporation
-How to choose right sizes?
-How to measure the sizes
-The procedure for paving road surface
-Obligate Gap for dilatation

GRP Manhole Cover Application Temperature & Service Life Information GRP Manhole Cover Material Quality Our GRP products are made of:
i) unsaturated polyester resin(UP) (Iso type resin, vinyl ester resin)
ii) glass fiber (E-glass 2400 Tex)
iii) quartz
iv) corundum
v) antioxidant
vi) firming agent
vii) promoter
viii) UV additive
ix) ethylene-propylene-diene-monomer
x) Cr13
xi) other auxiliary materials

Application Temperature Scope The performance after its solidification is as follows:
Longitudinal strength: 250~800Mpa;
Compressive strength: 300~600Mpa;
Stretch modulus: 25-35Gpa;
Break elongation ratio: 1.3-10.0%;
Bending strength: 700~1400Mpa;
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