In the stormy night, a 21 -year-old girl named Yanglijun from Shaoyang accidentally fell into a sewer without lid in Changsha City, then was swept away by rushing water, is still missing,even though the incident from the past 20 hours have passed, Changsha citywide search and rescue is still continuing, and users have many dedicated people to pray for the girl, expecting a miracle.

Read this news disturbing, the sewer without cover became terrifying traps. If the sewer has manhole cover, this girl will not be engulfed by sewer. So, you have to ask: how are manhole covers missing? According to the saying of an eyewitness, the manhole covers may have been washed away by the rushing water. Incident to A store owner near the accident place said that he really saw the manhole covers here a few days ago.

If the witness he said is true, it is sure that the sewer cover was washed away by the water, which makes thinking, why sewer cover would be washed away by the water? As everyone knows, city sewer manhole covers are directly on the sewer mouth and there is no fixed connection between the covers and sewer mouth. Although this connection for easy installation and maintenance, but also obvious defects. As long as you have strength, you can take the covers, city manhole covers are often stolen, closely related to the installation of this no fixed measure. Similarly, when the city hit by torrential rain, there is no fixed measure covers can easily be washed away by the water. At this point, if there is no conspicuous warning, loss of sewer manhole cover became one very hard to detect the deadly traps.

So, After a manhole is covered, there are still a lot of things to do. If you use something to fix the covers and sewer mouth so that the covers are difficult to be washed away. Such measures are not complicated. For example, play a few small eyes in the sewer mouth, and then install several nails under the corresponding decentralization covers, during installation, the nails inserted into the sewer mouth small eyes, so the cover and sewer mouth can bite each. In addition, it can be installed a safety net on the sewer mouth, so that even if the water covers were washed away, and this layer of protection network protection. In this way, those who can effectively prevent theft, but also to prevent water wells were washed away, nor hinder open manhole cover in case of emergency.

Details determine success or failure, urban public management also have to pay attention to details. The more details, the more it can reflect a sense of responsibility to serve the people. The so-called details are the inconspicuous place, for example, street lights are not bright, manhole cover damage and theft. In urban management purposes, these are some little things, but to people’s lives but it is a real inconvenience and sometimes can spawn big trouble. The case, in reality, is no manhole cover ” attack ” had a lot of injuries occurred, again and again, ” covers tragedy” remind us, manhole covers installation must be redesigned, no longer a ” cap ” over. Otherwise, a similar tragedy will repeat itself.