An old man living in the sewers under drainage system for 10 years, said the rent is too expensive

An old couple living in the manhole covered with cardboard, film. Bottom Debris Looming (bad drainage system) "But there are still people living in the bottom of a manhole, which connect some other drainage system!" Reflect

Comparing with FRP manhole covers, SMC manhole coves have no advantages

SMC manhole covers are the abbreviation of Sheet molding compound manhole covers, which are namely sheet molding compound plastic. It’s made by the SMC special yarns, unsaturated resin, low shrinkage additives, fillers and various additives composition. In the early 1960s,SMC

The huge business opportunities are hidden behind the composite manhole cover products

Manhole covers, square, round, shaped, and municipal use, communication, electricity use ... so many types of different uses, but its technology content is not small, and it’s of quite a huge market demand. Now, too many businessmen are selling composite

A Changsha girl fell in to the sewer without cover agin. We need to pay more attention to the installation of manhole covers in the city.

In the stormy night, a 21 -year-old girl named Yanglijun from Shaoyang accidentally fell into a sewer without lid in Changsha City, then was swept away by rushing water, is still missing,even though the incident from the past 20 hours

The main road surface can not see the drainage covers in Japan

Firstly arrived in Japan, people will be surprised to find that the main road and the main car road surface can not see the drainage covers in Japan Road. Driving on this road, you will never worry about the bump

If sealed manhole covers can be used on sewer manhole in the city?

City sewer smell sometimes emerges, and some urban residents suggest if the sealed manhole covers are workable? They think if using sealed manhole covers, the odors will not come out from the sewer, and thus make some help to purify

How to Solve the Problem of Stolen Manhole Covers

According to the recent news report from China’s Xinhua Agency, about “over 1,800,000 manhole covers were stolen in China in 2013. The number of missing manhole covers was more than 5,300,000pcs every year all over the world. The missing Manhole

How to look at the development of composite manhole covers?

How to look at the development of composite manhole covers? Composite materials manhole covers being used at present are roughly divided into five categories, which the five kinds of composite materials covers in use are the following disadvantages: 1. Steel

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