In addition to the standard group classifications detailed in BS EN124, it is recommended that the following criteria should be taken into account when selecting the most suitable composite manhole covers:

  • The traffic stresses and specific load dynamics
  • The number of inspections required

Traffic Stresses and Load Dynamics

BS EN124 is of minimal assistance in guiding a specifier to the correct specification given the load dynamics of the actual installation, it is recommended that the following method is applied when selecting the appropriate composite manhole cover.

For example, the dynamic loads placed on a D400 cover would be different on a busy ‘A’ road when compared to a built-up area where speed is restricted. In addition, braking areas such as the approaches to traffic lights, junctions or turning circles affect the actual loading of the ironwork.

BRISCOVER has designed a range of covers that accommodate the various forms of dynamic loading occurring on our roads today. The D400 Class is segmented as follows:

Operational Frequency

Efficient management of the sewerage and telecommunications networks requires more frequent inspections and checks. With this in mind, BRISCOVER.COM has designed an ergonomically positive range of access covers that will allow an operative to use the unit both frequently and safely.