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12 05, 2023

The Benefits of Composite Manhole Covers (FRP/GRP) you must know

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FRP/GRP manhole covers, one type of composite manhole covers, are an increasingly popular choice for many different applications. The benefits of these covers are numerous, and include improved safety, durability, and cost savings. Composite manhole

21 02, 2019

Different Types of Composite/plastic Manhole Covers

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Manholes are an important construction element that offers a number of functions. They allow maintenance workers to access the underground piping and the telecom lines that have been laid out under the roads. Moreover, they

21 02, 2019

Fifteen reasons to choose composite manhole covers

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1. Reduced weight Composite manhole covers can weigh up to 85% less than their metal counterparts. This makes them easier to transport and to move into place, reducing the equipment and manpower needed. It

21 02, 2019

Most factories use recycled thermoplastics to produce composite manhole covers

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Everybody knows that manhole covers generally stay on roads or pavements, and thus must be strong enough with high load ability to withstand vehicles and pedestrians. Over 95% of manhole covers are made from cast

21 02, 2019

EU EN124 GRP Cover & Frame Load Testing

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BRISCOVER Composite Manhole Covers and Frames are manufactured according to International standards – EU EN124 GRP COVER & FRAME LOAD TESTING,which is the most comprehensive European Standard for Vehicular and Pedestrian Areas. BRISCOVER offers GRP

21 02, 2019

BS EN 124 GRP manhole cover product selection

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In addition to the standard group classifications detailed in BS EN124, it is recommended that the following criteria should be taken into account when selecting the most suitable composite manhole covers: The traffic stresses

21 02, 2019

The places that our composite manhole covers could be used on

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The BRISCOVER brand composite manhole covers and gratings range of highway products is manufactured in accordance with the relevant European Standard performance specification BS EN124, for manhole covers and gully grates, and BS 5834 and

21 02, 2019

Types Of Grating For Drain Covers UK And Suitable Areas Of Application

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A proper drainage will save your property from water damage by keeping it dry even in the heaviest of rain storms. The key to a proper drainage system is a functional drainage setup using the