Manhole Covers Culture

21 02, 2019

Overseas customers mostly prefer manhole covers square lattice type

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Because of different manhole covers culture in different area,some simple designs,like manhole covers square lattice, etc are the standard choice in other countries. People in most countries doesn’t like traditional China

21 02, 2019

See history tracking of composite manhole cover products

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Composite, is the name given to the material obtained by combining two or more different materials to form a unique and superior material. Using composite substances is not new. The early Egyptians and Mesopotamians

21 02, 2019

Creating Beauty out of the Ordinary (decorative manhole covers)

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Around the world, many countries are making their cities more beautiful with artistically designed manhole covers. These decorative manhole covers draw attention to infrastructure, offer local artist a chance to use their talents, and most

21 02, 2019

More insights for drain grate covers

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Civil engineering and architecture have showed many great masterpieces, which make the whole world astonished and surprised. Burj-Al-Arab, Burj-Khalifa, Petronas Towers are some of the examples. Modern cities like New York, London, Washington D.C. and

21 02, 2019

Manhole Covers as “Grate Works of Art” from Bobbi Mastrangelo

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As this manhole cover is viewed as a mundane object, a lot of people were surprised that it may also be called a work of art. People like this kind of manhole cover art.