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21 02, 2019

You can order small quantities of plastic manhole covers for any special sizes from

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Strictly speaking, We don’t have any minimum ordering requirements for the quantities. Our clients could order one sets or 5sets according to their demand. For some special sizes,we could open new moulds for our customers.

21 02, 2019

Why choose BRISCOVER for your composite manhole covers?

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Composite manhole covers offer many advantages over the traditional cast iron models, but not all composite covers are the same, and to ensure that you are buying the best product for your specific needs,

21 02, 2019

How using composite manhole covers can actually save you money?

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While the initial outlay cost of purchasing composite manhole covers may be a little higher than buying the traditional metal alternatives, over the long term they offer many money saving advantages. Due to the

21 02, 2019

The production technology of our FRP/GRP manhole covers was updated on June 10th, 2014

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After several months of efforts, our company’s R & D working people updated our production technology for our FRP manhole covers products. The weight of our manhole covers,keeping same load ability, should be reduced by

21 02, 2019

An old man living in the sewers under drainage system for 10 years, said the rent is too expensive

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An old couple living in the manhole covered with cardboard, film. Bottom Debris Looming (bad drainage system) "But there are still people living in the bottom of a manhole, which connect

21 02, 2019

The huge business opportunities are hidden behind the composite manhole cover products

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Manhole covers, square, round, shaped, and municipal use, communication, electricity use ... so many types of different uses, but its technology content is not small, and it’s of quite a huge market demand. Now, too

21 02, 2019

A Changsha girl fell in to the sewer without cover agin. We need to pay more attention to the installation of manhole covers in the city.

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In the stormy night, a 21 -year-old girl named Yanglijun from Shaoyang accidentally fell into a sewer without lid in Changsha City, then was swept away by rushing water, is still missing,even though the incident