Nearly all municipalities suffer with odor problems from Manholes and inflow to manholes. During dry weather Manholes can be the source of vile sewer odors. The main odor culprit is Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), but other malodorous compounds are present, as well. Systems for treating air usually require electrical power or clear water. Sealing covers moves the problem down the line or through the vents of neighboring homes and businesses. During rainy weather, an average manhole allows slug loads from 4,000 to 12,000 gallons per day of rainwater, to enter the treatment system. Manhole inserts with odor control media and inflow protectors eliminate both problems, while built-in pressure relief valves allow the Manhole to “breathe”.

Combined inflow protectors and manhole inserts are an economical solution to EPA storm water regulations running into lakes, rivers, and other waterways, and can promote economic growth. Storm water treatment cost is a major problem. The environmental industry is being called upon to insure that storm water is treated efficiently.

Several manufacturers made combined manhole inserts and inflow protectors to exact size from virtually indestructible material. They are simple to install, long lasting product that eliminates oil, grease, and bacteria from rain water before discharge from the collection system, and they eliminate odors from the manholes and no more manhole cover rattle noise.