On January 2004, 30-year-old Judy Jane holding two puppies were walking on the street in the eastern suburbs of New York City. When she accidentally stepped on a unified Addison’s cast iron sewer covers, she was accidentally electrocuted because of the live manhole covers. Later, Mayor of New York said the unified Edison Company was directly responsible for the tragedy, but also the municipal departments would work together with Unified Addison company to guarantee the safety of manhole covers.

Live Manhole Cover

Although the sewer covers for sale was from the enterprise, an accident should be managed by the municipal sector in the USA. In fact, apart from the United States, the urban underground pipeline network is centrally managed by a government department in France and Australia and other countries. So, the government will decide what type of manhole covers to use. In order to prevent the similar tragedy, we suggest our government could use some FRP & GRP composite sewer covers to replace our traditional cast iron manhole covers in some certain live areas.

high quality composite manhole covers