Although metal manhole covers are popular, there are different reasons why concrete manhole covers exist in now market. From its appearance to its functionality, more and more people and local governments choose to have concrete covers instead. One of these reasons is that metal manhole covers are frequently stolen. Such manhole covers’ prices also increases frequently.

Concrete Covers – The Practical Choice!

More people discover the practicality of concrete over metal manhole covers as time pass. People will notice how they begin to see less and less metal covers. Not only because the metal ones are frequently stolen but also because more people realize how concrete is the best manhole cover material.

  • Stealing steel. Compared to metal manhole covers, concrete ones have significantly lower value. That is why if given the choice, thieves would choose to steal metal manhole covers instead. In addition, concrete manhole covers are absolutely a lot heavier than metal ones. This is why it would be a pain to steal.
  • Simplicity is beauty. Concrete covers are a lot simpler than other manhole covers. In fact, it can easily blend to streets and pavements. Some people may even miss the fact that they are actually stepping on manhole covers. People can also get creative with it as one can easily draw or paint art on it.
  • Choose and use. Concrete covers come in different shapes and sizes. Most covers come in sizes between 450×450 millimeters to 900×1200 millimeters. Most covers come in shapes of circle, rectangle, or square. There are concrete manhole covers that come in different weight categories. There are lightweight manhole covers, medium weight concrete covers, and heavy weight manhole covers. No matter what the specific needs and preference are, there will surely be perfect size, shape, and style of manhole cover that will fit these demands.
  • Under cover. These manhole covers should come with taper which prevents jams, lifting hooks for easy removal and replacement, edge covers to prevent damages during removal and replacement, and other features. It is best to choose stainless lifting hooks. Since manhole covers are exposed in extreme weather conditions and other potentially harmful elements, it is best to keep this in its best possible condition. It serves an important role so it should be given equal importance.

Manhole covers suppliers test these manhole covers in water and steam to make sure that it can withstand such factors. Most suppliers are always on the lookout on how they can improve the durability and functionality of manhole covers. Therefore, it is very important to find suppliers who aim to always give people the best. Aside from standard sizes and shapes, people may also ask for custom-made concrete manhole covers.