The functionality of decorative drain covers is clear as they are needed to cover the drain lines and block the smell which is caused by the dirty water passing by it. Even if the water is not dirty still its stagnancy can cause it to smell while this situation is not avoidable because water is the basic necessity to keep clean and stay clean. The manholes are normally found in gardens, roads and garages while the manholes coverage is mainly the responsibility of state but in a few cases, it is on you if the manhole is in your owned location. The drain covers are not supposed to be the boring circular plastic pieces covering the horrible openings which open into the hell of smell but they are supposed to be beautiful as its designing can make your location look even more exquisite and beautiful.

If you are the person who admire beauty and who is a fan of beautiful things around then decorative drain covers should be your only pick. The manhole covers come in plastic material and if there is remarkable design diversity found in it. The basic designs of decorative drain covers are angel, double wave, flat rainbow, grid, Jamison, OPCB, OT, OT TITLE 24, prospect, RC and so on. Few of the names define itself as angel drain covers are designed with various series of squares cutting into a pair of triangles with longitudinal lines in it and double wave refers to the drain covers with two perpendicular lines from the upper side and two perpendicular lines from the lower side cutting each other and flowing like waves while flat rainbow, grid, Jamison and all other come with their own offerings when it comes to designs. These are very few designs while there is a huge diversity which can be found and the level of designing can go to the extent where drain covers will not only be hiding the ugly manholes but they will be rather beautifying your location more.

The designs discussed above are really basic and when these designs are really installed then for sure they outshine the location in which they are fitted into. However there is obviously more to the designing because if the intricately designed drain covers are looked into then they might surprise you. There are categories of designs of decorative drain covers from where the best can be selected in synchronization with the interior of the place. These categories are classic, nature, geometric, Oceanus, art history, architecture and elements. All the decorative drain covers follow their specific theme when it comes to the designing and the design actually portrays the essence of the category it is fitted into. This was all about the high end drain covers and about the basic decorative drain covers designed with simplicity but the functional part of the drain covers should never be ignored. The design of the decorative drain covers defines that what should pass from it and what shouldn’t. The design should be selected in accordance with the functionality which needs to be drived from the drain cover as in the things which should pass by it and the things which shouldn’t.