Drain covers are usually placed on top of manholes and they play various important roles. These roles include averting accidents through preventing people and animals from falling into the manholes, preventing unwanted things from getting into the drainage and also reducing bad smell that might be coming from these manholes. These roles are paramount since if the covers were not there especially when there is poor visibility and at night, accidents would be occurring regularly where animals and people who are walking, driving or riding would be falling into the manholes. The fact that the drainage are used to channel waste and for drainage water makes the covers important since if they were not in place, unwanted things and dirt would get into the holes consequently causing blockages. The smell which emanates from these holes is also significantly reduced by the covers. The drain covers usually compliment the primary role of the manholes which is to allow access to the drainage especially when they block and require to be unblocked.


Drain covers are usually made using strong materials(strong plastic or cast iron) which can withstand even the weight of vehicles driving over them. This is because most manholes are usually on places where vehicles usually drive through. The covers also come in different sizes and shapes which are usually determined by the size of the holes they are to cover. To simplify the process of getting the right covers for different holes, manholes are usually made in standard sizes which allows the covers to fit properly. Otherwise, the manhole covers would require to be customized so as to fit in manholes of different sizes which would be both costly and time consuming.

Most Casti iron or plastic drain covers,used on floor, trench, outside, pool, garden, driveway,etc, are publicly owned and hence the relevant public authorities are the ones responsible for the installation and maintenance. However there are drainage which goes through private properties and therefore the owners of these properties need to take care of the covers. Other private properties owners engage in businesses and activities which require them to put up big drainage which require covers. For private people who use big drainages such as private companies owners it is important to know how to install and take care of the covers.

Installing drain covers is relatively easy since it requires one to just know the right measurements and the ideal material before purchasing the covers. This work is commonly done by professional plumbers who usually make the drainage and the manholes. Maintaining the covers is also simple since one just needs to ensure that they are clean and no soil or water stagnates next to them. This is especially important if the covers are made of material that can rust. In case one needs to remove or replace the covers, the first step should be to check whether they have stoppers and then removing these stoppers. The ones that do not have stoppers detach easily and one just needs to lift them. If a drain cover does not detach easily even after removing the stoppers, one should contact a professional plumber since using force can cause damages even on the drainage. Another important aspect in maintaining these covers is ensuring that they are returned on the top of the manholes and they are fastened properly so as to avoid accidents or damages by leaving the holes uncovered. Therefore, drain covers play important roles and they should be maintained properly through the simple maintenance requirements so they can function effectively.