Civil engineering and architecture have showed many great masterpieces, which make the whole world astonished and surprised. Burj-Al-Arab, Burj-Khalifa, Petronas Towers are some of the examples. Modern cities like New York, London, Washington D.C. and many more are designed and crafted on the basis of modern laws and principles of engineering. Roads, bridges, foot-paths, over-head bridges are of common sights in any city nowadays. But the most important and less-sighted are drain grate covers, which undoubtedly make our surroundings, clean by draining excessive and unnecessary water. What drain grate covers basically are? What do they do? How many types of them are available? What shapes and sizes they come in? All these questions will be addressed below in detail.

Drains are basically meant to carry bad and unwanted water. They are mostly covered with some sort of lids. We find drain grate covers on them. What is a grated cover? A grated cover is one which has identical, parallel, elongated elements in it. These elements are mostly rod-shaped. Drain grate covers are placed on drain holes to avoid large items from falling into it. Grated system of the cover prevents all the rubbish to travel into the drainage system, which helps in avoiding frequent choking of the system. Different places require different types of drain grate covers, so, they come in all shapes and sizes. They are location- specific and also usage-specific.

Many types of drain grate covers are available in the market like steel type, iron type, concrete type,composite drainage type and Linear Channel Drainage Type. Steel types drain grate covers are quite safe, provide enough security and difficult to break. They are mainly used as floor grate covers and they are structured and designed as pressed pattern lids. Their diverse dimensions allow them to bear different amount of weight. For achieving more strength and stability, a more reliable type of drain grate covers is used, which is iron-type. Iron-type drain grate covers are made up of ductile iron. They provide better strength/weight ratio. To enhance the bonding mechanism, anti movement technology is used in these types of covers. They are designed in such a way that they have the capacity to bear the weight of approximately 70 tones.

There are some covers available in the market, which are easy to install and everybody can do the installation comfortably. These easy-to-use covers are composite drainage type covers. They are light-weighted and highly preferred by contractors of buildings, roads and other massive structures. They possess several properties which make them a good choice. Their main feature is non-breakability. They are highly resistant to acids and high temperatures. Linear Channel Drainage Type drain grates covers are available in various widths and of two types. The first type is used to bear domestic loads while the second type bears heavy industrial loads. They are made up of polymer concrete and available in various sizes.

Drain grate covers are available in many decorative designs, shapes and sizes. They are used in houses, garages, yards, bath rooms, toilets, floor, roads, and bridges and at any place, where there is a need for proper drainage of excessive water. Without them our cities and houses would represent a picture of pool of dirty water.