An old couple living in the manhole covered with cardboard, film.
Bottom Debris Looming (bad drainage system)

“But there are still people living in the bottom of a manhole, which connect some other drainage system!” Reflect the public yesterday, it was accidentally discovered in the bottom Lido Garden Road, Chaoyang District. In order to protect their live life safety, Chaoyang Branch of the police station from Beijing Public Security Bureau arranged accommodation for the man living there.

“Take the car to see an old lady opened the manhole into the sewer , and hurriedly ran to help. Waled closely to see that there are lights and laughter of children , as well as quilts , people should be asleep …… I asked the old lady or need help, the old lady said no , very warm…”
Yesterday once the quote was published, it attracted onlookers .

Beijing Morning News reporters by clues provided by users , in the street on the west side of the south gate of Lido Place lawn found the wells, the manhole covered with cardboard , film, and pressed with stones. The middle of manhole covers says a “warm ” word . Not far from the iron fence, blue quilt draped over a bed , some socks, bubble paper items. “It’s an old man , and lived under an old lady , these things is that they dry in .” Sweep leaves near Zhang told reporters , two nearly 70 years old , lived there over ten years , begging to go out during the day , come back at night to live. “I heard they have two sons , son came some time ago , in the vicinity of selling umbrellas , and later on not seen an estimated back home .”

After verification, no group of pipelines in the drainage system, and it also connects the other drainage system, “but very dangerous to live in the well, which is so much equipment, if not careful touch, the consequences would be disastrous.” Staff warned.