BRISCOVER Composite Manhole Covers and Frames are manufactured according to International standards – EU EN124 GRP COVER & FRAME LOAD TESTING,which is the most comprehensive European Standard for Vehicular and Pedestrian Areas. BRISCOVER offers GRP cover & frame rated to the proof loads Class A through Class E. Please see the explanatory diagram and table as follows:

This is European Union EN 124 Application Drawing

Group 1: Pedestrians and pedal cyclists (Class A15)
Group 2: Footways, pedestrian and comparable parks or car parking decks (B125)
Group 3: Gullytops installed in the area of curbside channels of roads (C250)
Group 4: Carriageways of roads (including pedestrians), hard shoulders, parking areas, and all types of road vehicles (D400)
Group 5: Areas with high wheel loads (E600)

Attention: Ask your engineer to ensure that the GRP covers are installed correctly.

If any further EN 124 test procedure information,please contact Hunan Common Future Arts & Crafts Corp. Ltd. by email or call +86 731-82285586