When you watch a movie set in a metropolitan city like New York, what do you usually notice? Is it the buildings? The flashing lights? Yellow cabs? Is it the people? Or is it the heavy duty manhole covers that fill the city streets and alleys? How many movies have you ever seen with a creature sprouting out of a manhole cover? Manhole covers in movies indeed play essential roles where heroes and princesses that are bound to save the world from vicious and treacherous villains. But manhole covers in real life have more roles than what appears in movies. Manhole covers may seem to be some round-shaped melted nickel or an over-sized coin but its use and importance are boundless.

Manhole covers technically are often made out of cast iron, concrete or can also be a combination of the two. This makes it inexpensive, sturdy and heavy. Heavy duty manhole covers usually weigh about 50 kilograms or equivalent to 110 pounds. It was made to be heavy in order to keep them in place even if cars pass over it and would give thieves and unauthorized people to remove them form their spot. In European nations, their heavy duty manhole covers are made out glass reinforced plastics and other composite materials. We also call it composie sewer covers with heavy duty. Heavy duty manhole covers rest on a metal base with a tinier inset rim which fits the cover. Castings are both the vase ad the cover because it has undergone the process of casting particularly the sand casting method.

Heavy duty manhole covers may be different in form, details and composition but its importance and significance are all alike. Thus, It’s of important because:

  • It safeguards people and protects them from falling into filthy manholes the lies beneath the heavy duty manhole covers.
  • Heavy duty manhole covers help to suppress and prevents unwanted and foul odor coming from the manholes down under.
  • These also help securing cars and cabs to fall down the holes. Just imagine a city with open manholes.
  • Heavy duty manhole covers prevents and initially stops unwanted vehicular accidents caused by open manholes.

Heavy duty manhole covers may have some metal resting on its base when you see it o the streets or in side walks yet these are truly functional and useful. Everyday heavy duty manhole covers save countless lives. You may pass over it everyday as you walk down the street but it actually protects you. Imagine falling down a manhole? Wouldn’t that be disgusting? Yet heavy duty manhole covers are always there to the rescue, always get your feet on the right track. Heavy duty sewer covers are indeed one of man’s greatest inventions, a great thick metal who never gets tired no matter people steps on it everyday. A lot of people are clueless of its significance yet without these things accidents numerous accidents could’ve been happening in the streets everyday making heavy duty manhole covers your daily street heroes.