How to look at the development of composite manhole covers? Composite materials manhole covers being used at present are roughly divided into five categories, which the five kinds of composite materials covers in use are the following disadvantages:

1. Steel fiber reinforced concrete covers:

Advantages: Anti-theft, cheaper
Disadvantages: Not enough carrying capacity, coupled with the strength of the cement decay, easily broken, too bulky, difficult to open

2. Magnesite cement covers:
Magnesite cement manhole covers

Advantages: Anti-theft, cheaper
Disadvantages: carrying capacity is not enough; material instability, use, covers the carrying capacity will continue to decline

3. Recycled resin composite covers, also known as silicon plastic covers:
plastic manhole cover

Advantages: Anti-theft, cheaper
Disadvantages: Carrying capacity is not enough, only for green belt, etc.

4. BMC Molded Covers
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square bmc manhole covers

Advantages: security, the appearance of fine
Disadvantages: carrying capacity is not enough, because adding steel, from the interface will lead to a significant decrease in the carrying capacity

5. Continuous Fiber Reinforced Composite Material Covers
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Advantages: security, high carrying capacity, beautiful appearance
Disadvantages: manufacture of complex, high cost

Composite materials now are a sunrise industry in the international and domestic, which has broad prospects for development, but also a lot of problems can not be ignored. When producing the volume of the same size, weight can be a big difference; When producing the same weight,material consumption maybe big difference; When using same material consumption, the production costs are different; When consuming the same material with the same cost and with the different production methods, product performance could be also big difference. That which is characteristic of the composite material, but also the formation of industrial disadvantages.

Therefore the production of composite material manhole covers needs complicated technical support. Only by really being familiar with composite materials, and the use of reasonable design, proper investment, and strict production, the high-quality composite manhole covers can be produced.

The industrial of composite manhole covers was just formed. People will have a suspect, understanding, attention to accept the trial, the promotion process on the composite material covers. By this time, some people see or analysis of this product is good, they swarm and produce composite manhole covers in order to reduce costs, regardless of the quality of products (in particular the inherent quality); these products are often external quality is very good, but can not determine the intrinsic quality. Especially carrying capacity may be very low, but the price is cheap. When users use it, it must quality problems occur, which leads to a very large negative impact because it causes the user to negate the entire industry. This is really a big disaster for the nascent industry.

If you want to buy composite manhole covers, you need to choose the factories with technical strength and economic strength, then you can get real plastic material manhole covers.