According to the recent news report from China’s Xinhua Agency, about “over 1,800,000 manhole covers were stolen in China in 2013. The number of missing manhole covers was more than 5,300,000pcs every year all over the world.

The missing Manhole cover has become a very serious problem in now society. Too many manhole covers are stolen in the cities each year, where missing manhole covers caused too many deaths. Too many tragedies happened because of the missing manhole covers in the world.

manhole cover theft

Why do the traditional manhole covers always lost? The direct reason is that the manhole covers use cast iron material. The manhole covers thieves like the cast iron with recycling value. How to solve the problem of stolen manhole covers.

We have 2 ways to solve this problem:

  • Changing the material:
    We can change the cast iron material into the composite material. This is the best way to solve the problem of manhole covers theft.
  • Adding a lock system one cast iron manhole covers:
    The lockable device on the manhole covers can play a security role,but it still can not put an end to the phenomenon of the stolen cast iron manhole covers.

It can be seen that the composite material manhole covers are the main development direction in the future.