While the initial outlay cost of purchasing composite manhole covers may be a little higher than buying the traditional metal alternatives, over the long term they offer many money saving advantages.

Due to the commercial scrap value of cast iron covers, these have long been targeted by unscrupulous thieves, and the cost of replacing stolen covers is not only once, but can be incurred time and time again. Locking systems and special keys have been developed to thwart the thieves, but the ingenuity of the criminal mind has found ways to overcome these, and the lucrative thefts continue.

The unique make-up of composite manhole covers, which contain no metal and have no commercial resale value, effectively eliminates the theft problem, while providing a product of equal or improved strength, durability and versatility. While some composite manhole covers do have locks incorporated, this is mainly to prevent unauthorised access to a potentially dangerous area, as opposed to prevent theft.

Eliminating the theft problem can also save you money in compensation to unfortunate pedestrians or motorists who have been unlucky enough to suffer injury or damage due to falling into the gaping hole left behind.

Composite manhole covers will also save you money due to their light weight, and the ease with which they can be transported and moved around. Installing cast iron manhole covers, which can weigh between 100-200 pounds each one, can require heavy duty transport, cranes and a team of men. Composite covers however, with only about one tenth of the weight of their metal counterparts, can be transported on a standard truck, and most sizes can easily be unloaded and situated in position by one or two people.

Once installed the composite covers keep saving you money as only one worker is needed to lift them, to reach whatever is contained beneath, as opposed to the two men needed to raise a cast iron manhole cover. This lightweight mobility is also a potential reducer of injuries and back problems which can cost thousands in worker compensation and cause unnecessary suffering and distress.

Cast iron manhole covers are normally quite loose fitting which can permit runoff and ground water to pass through, entering into the sewage or waste water system and increasing the volume of water which needs to be processed in the treatment plant, so raising operation costs. Composite manhole covers however, fit tightly and are 100% waterproof so greatly reducing the filtration of unwanted water and yet again saving you money.

Composite manhole covers have a working life expectancy of 30 to 50 years, as do the cast iron variety, however during that time metal covers require regular maintenance to keep them functioning correctly while composite manhole covers require no further attention, so saving you money once again.

When choosing what type of manhole cover to use there are many aspects to consider and composite covers have many advantages over traditional covers, including long-term savings.