Among the many covers culture, Japan is unique artistic manhole covers. It is understood that 95% of the cities in Japan use unique designed manhole covers. About half of which are based on plants, trees, flowers as a pattern of official addition, animals, birds, and scenic beauty, historical stories are often as a design theme. It is said that the whole of Japan currently has more than 6000 kinds of different covers design, and even established a several MANHOLE COVERS museums.

Japan manhole covers culture

The use of manhole covers with different shapes are different. For example, fire hydrant covers are mostly square, engraved with cartoon images of firefighters. Different patterns also help clear the scope of the jurisdiction of the executive body. The sewer covers, managed by the government at all levels, were used on city Flowers, flower district, town flower, etc. Once in need of repair, they immediately are able to identify the main responsibility. If the land is a private sewer, manhole covers are marked on”Private” character to show the difference. In Japan, stations, plazas, shops, sightseeing places and the places where the crowd, mostly covered with vibrant color manhole covers, and even some covers also fitted with a dark colored light. In addition, some of the covers in the middle of Tokyo, engraved with boxy diamond, diamond 4 Corners were written names, as passers-by indicating the way forward. Perhaps it easy to get lost in Tokyo, and even manhole covers also serve as a guide.

Japan cast iron manhole covers

Japan is a country with frequent natural disasters, nearby residential areas are equipped with “emergency shelter”. The manhole covers around some shelters, in addition to the direction indicated by the arrow, are painted the color yellow arrow indicates a refuge from less than 200 meters, the red was less than 100 meters. The sewer covers are even installed with satellite positioning system in some areas.