Few people pay attention to simple inventions especially when it is not something that affects them actively. Usually, people notice what is pretty and what makes life convenient in an in-your-face manner. However, there are simple inventions that actually save life in all its simple genius. One of such inventions is circular manhole covers.

Discover Manhole Covers History

The past of the manhole covers is not a really good sight too. No wonder not much people took their time to appreciate this useful invention. These were mainly wood pieces and chunks and stone chunks used on sewages so people can access covered trenches. The use of this kind of manhole cover started back in 3500 BCE until 1850 CE. Then, the development in its appearance started in the nineteenth century. A previous couple of centuries witnessed the United States’ development of modern manhole as well as manhole covers. Now, there are a lot of different kinds of manhole covers including some that weighs as heavy as 300 pounds. While there are some square manhole covers, the most common shape of this cover is circle. The oldest manhole cover catalog foundry dates back to1860.
There are some people who are not comfortable with the term “manhole cover”. This is why the manhole cover is also popularly known as sewer cover. It is also sometimes called hatch covers.

Manhole Covers Today

While manhole was needed for sailing ships access back then, it is now used for different purposes. Now it is used for gas, for water, for steam, for telephone lines, and for electricity. This is also used for sewers.

The Secret of the Circular Manhole Cover

A lot of people wonder why manhole covers usually come in circular shape. Although there are also rectangular and square manhole covers, these are very rare.

  • Manhole covers are removable and replaceable. Therefore, one of the deciding factors in choosing a manhole cover design is the ease of removing and replacing. This is why circular covers are more popular choices. It has no angles that need an alignment so it is much easier to put back once it is removed.
  • Circular manhole covers are much easier to manufacture.
  • Circular manhole covers are money savers. This does not happen directly but it is much safer. Manhole covers of other shapes may accidentally fall down under. On the other hand, a circular manhole cover will never fit into the hole so there is no need to worry about the manhole cover falling and disappearing. It saves city administrators time, effort, and inconvenience from having to procure a new cover, not to mention putting other people’s lives in danger.

Manhole Covers as Works of Art

As this circular manhole covers are viewed as a mundane object, a lot of people were surprised that it may also be used as works of art. A lot of photos of such manhole covers in the World Wide Web which include a lot of custom-made manhole covers.