Composite manhole covers with the replacement of cast iron manhole covers can be used under different conditions. High-performance fiber-reinforced resin matrix composite material covers can replace cast iron covers under various conditions.

FRP composite manhole covers have other incomparable advantages. With in-depth research and development, the class covers will be more widely used.

Currently, the overall performance for steel fiber reinforced concrete manhole covers and recycled resin composite material covers is not as good as FRP covers, but other composite material manhole covers with earlier research and development, has the appropriate industry standards, can guide the domestic production of the corresponding composite covers to ensure that the covers quality and market competition order. Now more and more factories in China are engaging in the production of FRP covers. They like to say to their customers that they could supply FRP manhole covers. In actual, only our factory control the patented technology of FRP manhole covers in China. That is to say, only we could provide the genuine FRP manhole covers according to EN124 in China. It’s really hard for customers to evaluate the quality of different enterprises because there isn’t an industry standard for FRP covers in China. In order to ensure the healthy development of FRP manhole covers, industry standards should be developed as soon as possible.