Manhole covers, square, round, shaped, and municipal use, communication, electricity use … so many types of different uses, but its technology content is not small, and it’s of quite a huge market demand. Now, too many businessmen are selling composite manhole covers and cast iron manhole covers. Guangzhou recently began the construction of the country’s first local regulations for manhole covers facilities, and the city began to invest the manhole covers with some questions, and prepare to replace all the manhole covers with problems in two to three years. Hefei, Wuhan, Chengdu and other places have also taken action to the manhole covers for a large area of replacement. It brings unlimited business opportunities for manhole covers manufacturer. Industry insiders estimate that only the domestic market, the annual demand for the manhole covers products is nearly one million. Little covers have become a big industry.

The upgrade of manhole covers
Changsha intends to redraw the map of the underground pipe network and optimize facility Little manhole cover is an industrial product, and it is more a product of people’s livelihood. Urban roads covers are leading to the underground facilities (water, drainage, electricity, telecommunications, gas, heat, fire, oil pipelines and other systems) which is the entrance closure. Its main role is to facilitate the use of underground facilities and maintenance. Due to the special nature of the environment in its use, and its quality is directly related to people’s life and property safety.

With urban development, road new construction, renovation, Changsha urban underground pipeline network increasingly complex. Currently, there are a variety of manhole covers nearly 700,000pcs in Changsha. In the Old Town district, a road basically every 15 meters to 30 meters would have a manhole cover, and the new district will have an average of a manhole cover every 50 meters. Changsha municipal department said that they plan to cooperate with Hunan university Architectural Design Institute in order to facilitate the timely dredging pipe network in the first time , and repaint the latest network distribution. It also indicates that a full-scale facilities underground pipe network optimization actions in full swing.

Industry Opportunities
High-performance security products go off, sales increased three percent of recent.The demand for high-quality security covers in the whole of society stimulate the production of manhole covers. Changsha related industries also catch a ride.
4000 sets manhole covers in Chengdu, Sichuan are urgently needed, 5,000 sets urgent demand in Wuhan , urgent demand for manhole covers 6,000 sets in Kunming,etc. Many many urgent orders are entering into our factory , so that we can see there are really huge market for manhole covers in China. “With the attention to safety covers, the current high safety manhole covers are very popular in now market. Our sales growth was increased by 30%,comparing with the beginning of this year.” Our plant manager told reporters, with increasing orders, they increase production efforts to ensure market supply.

Future Development
Same as Zhongshan lighting, low voltage electrical in Wenzhou, textiles in Shaoxing, Changsha product including manhole covers has been in the national fame, was derived from BRISCOVER company and other local well-known enterprises to focus on product quality and the pursuit. Our FRP series manhole covers perform quality control standards EN124 European Union, and its quality control, and even higher than the national standard.

Compared with manhole covers products with other materials, our factory produces composite manhole covers with carrying capacity and good weather resistance, which is still the best alternative to cast iron covers urban roads.

In recent years, “Changsha manufacturing” manhole covers products once are counter-attacked by some manhole covers from low-cost manufacturers on the national market. These enterprises control the market through dumping, so that some safety performance for their manhole covers is not up,which lead that a large number of security risks manhole covers products enter the market. It’s just like a real “time bomb” on the road. Cheap covers product has three characteristics. First, safety performance is not up to some of the cast iron manhole cover without anti-theft device, easily stolen. In addition, because the enterprise is no bottom line to reduce costs, resulting they use unqualified material. The higher quality manhole covers with the safety performance are around 150 dollars, but their prices are only 30,40 dollars. Which they use low-quality raw materials, the manhole covers are bad once the heavy vehicles pass over it; Second, these products do not have waterproof covers with open stream function, the product is no locking device, no locks, can easily lead to similar tragedies like Yanglijun missing; Thirdly, products have no environmental features. Because of producing ability, it is difficult for manufacturers to grasp the accuracy of the product, also there is no buffer device design products, tensioners, anti-displacement device,and many security risks exist in their manhole covers.

With the focus on the city covers for the whole of society, and the high-end manufacturing companies for manhole covers get the new developing opportunity. The “Changsha create” eyes again see more far-reaching. Next, we will learn from foreign experience in a factory or establishment covers R & D center, upgrades our manhole covers to further improve safety performance. It is understood that Japan, the United States, Germany, France and other countries, have taken remote monitoring of road covers, played a good effect.

In recent years, the death event, caused by manhole covers, often happened.

It is estimated that thousands of casualties from the covers “killer road” leading to the occurrence of at least annually, the direct economic losses of hundreds of millions.

  • In Guangzhou, a girl,fell into the sewer in heavy rain on May 4, 2010,was killed.
  • In Beijing, two young man,falling into the well, was killed when two young men went out of the car and push it because the car stalled in the rain due on June 23, 2011;
  • In Dalian, a woman fell into the thermal wells,then was dead.
  • In Wuming, a 5-year-old boy moved away a wood board on sewage on March 12, 2013. Unfortunately, he fell into the sewage and was dead.