A proper drainage will save your property from water damage by keeping it dry even in the heaviest of rain storms. The key to a proper drainage system is a functional drainage setup using the right type of building materials that will help channel water away from your property and not suffer water damage in the process.

Drain Covers UK is one of the key components of a proper drainage system. They prevent unwanted items like dirt and litter that might clog up your drainage from entering your drainage system. There are different types of drainage covers depending on the type of setup up you have.

In order to pick the right drainage cover, there are several factors that you should take into consideration, this does not only include aesthetics alone, but also the location of the drain, and how much water it’s supposed to handle. Here are some of the types of gratings for Drain Covers UK and their best application.

Covers with Square and Round Grates

Covers with Round and Square grates are the most common; these are suitable for narrow drains. Such covers come in sizes that range from 3 to 12 Inches wide, they can be round or square in shape. The amount of water that pass through such covers depends on the size of the grates. Therefore, ensure the grating is big enough for main drainage lines as this will pass water much faster.

Catch Basin covers

These refer to drainage covers that come fitted with a catch basing located right under it. What this means is water that goes down the drain is first contained in the catch basin and only the runoff water is allowed to pass. This way the catch basin traps most of the dirt that goes down the drainage, thus reducing build-up of silt in the drain. The catch basin can be removed and cleaned periodically.

Trench Grates

Covers with Trench grates are able to cover long stretch drains and are great for drains that handle larger volumes of water. Best application for such covers includes main drains in paved areas, like drive ways, patios and even pools. These are the most efficient types of drainage grates available.

Atrium Grates Drain cover

This drain cover is shaped like an inverted bow. It extends above the ground so as to allow water flow to continue even with dirt collected around the drain. Water can still flow over the dirt and enters the drain. Drainage covers with Atrium grates are great for places with lots of trees.

There are several types of drainage cover designs in Briscover.com, just like these types of gratings, make sure the kind that you purchase best suits your needs.